Pro Tip: What it takes to build high-quality links

Older link building tactics have much less impact now, mainly because once everyone catches wind that they work, inboxes everywhere become inundated with quick and dirty pitches aiming to achieve the same success.

The issue has impacted top journalists, as well, who are now tired of the same canned pitch emails about why they should write a story about some shoe polish brand’s blog post. 

And black hat isn’t worth dabbling in, because a penalty can mean a critical hit for your brand’s revenue and reputation.

I haven’t found a single better way to build links on an ongoing basis than through original research and digital public relations.

In other words, the best way to earn links from high-authority sites is to do your own industry research, studies, surveys as well as carefully curate a list of writers and craft personalized pitches explaining the value of the content for their audiences.

Is it a lot of work? Oh yes. The content development alone can take 1-2 months to get it right, and the pitching at least another month or so, longer if you don’t have any established relationships.

But if you want backlinks and brand awareness from respected sites like CNN, USA Today, Time, Huffington Post and more, it’s an investment you have to make.

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About The Author

Amanda Milligan is the marketing director at Fractl, a prominent growth marketing agency that’s worked with Fortune 500 companies and boutique businesses alike. Throughout her content marketing career, she’s directly managed the creation of 200-plus content campaigns, led the strategy for 20-plus clients, and run the 30-episode podcast Ask Amanda About Marketing.

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